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Dr James Dobson takes heat in the press





By Debbie Carrick, Author of The Promise, a Handbook on the Holy Spirit

What’s all the blog about?  Left-wingers are blasting the efforts of Dr. James Dobson’s career based on his closing statements in his speech to the Focus on the Family staff.  Dobson steps down as Chairman of the Board on a disappointing note announcing that the “culture war” battles have been lost and “the nation is awash in evil.”  As the far lefties dance their gleeful dance upon the shattered dreams of Dobson, they forget to remind themselves that there are millions of Christian’s in this nation who have a different focus.  Dobson gave the “culture war” a platform to build on by singling out his Biblical interpretation of sin.  We are not called to wipe out sin; we are called to win souls to Christ.  Jesus did not come to this world to condemn it, He came to save it.  Morality cannot be legislated.  Although the church is not short of those members who are shaking a naughty finger at sinners or those they label as sinners, the army of the LORD is not weak and is not in jeopardy of losing the battle or the war. Every soul won is one less soul suffering eternally in Hell and there are thousands being won all over the world every day.  The movement to go global that permeates the news today is so behind the times.  The gospel went global two thousand years ago and has never looked back.  Even with all of the human flaws, the love and sacrifice of the cross of Jesus Christ will never lose its luster.