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Dr. Jamal Bryant explains his usage of offensive term 'H*es' from his pulpit

Dr. Jamal Bryant considers himself an "edgy" preacher. And according to Black America Web on Wednesday, Bryant used the word "h*es" in the pulpit by making a statement, "These H*es Ain't Loyal," which come from singer, Chris Brown's lyrics.

Dr. Jamal Bryant apologizes for making edgy statement from his pulpit. But you need to listen to the entire sermon.

Bryant posted a YouTube entitled, “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare,” in which he made the shocking statement that sent fans and enemies into a frenzy, and since, has been slammed through social media outlets.

Interestingly, Bryant uses the scene of Jesus's death where Pilate is challenged as to whether it will be Jesus or Barabas. Pilate did not listen to his wife, and therefore, Bryant summarizes that because of it, Pilate lost everything and later committed suicide. Right before Bryant makes the shocking statement, he says, "The problem with Pilot is the problem with a lot of men...had Pilot listened, his life would have been better.

Following the backlash, James Fortune of "The James Fortune Show" invited Bryant on his show to define what he [Bryant] was talking about and to explain what he meant. You can check out that video here also.

Bryant seems to have stepped out real deep to use language that resonates with a culture that feeds on his type of terminology and a generation that feeds on drama as being their teacher. Chris Brown appeals to a (this) culture, so by using a statement that Brown's fans have embraced would definitely reach a mass audience.

When men do not listen to the anointed woman God has sent them they will be sorry. In the pre-text, Bryant spoke at length about how men need women, but men go off and find somebody else. Subsequently, the men that show these indiscretions usually end up losing things in their lives.

Most men, in the absence of a good woman, only has good ideas. But an idea in the company of a Godly woman – is an idea that becomes a dream. Any man that does not have a wife is running on Grace! – Because you don’t get favor until the wife comes. An anointed woman of God isn't dreaming about a man – she dreams for her man. - Bryant

You will have to draw your own conclusion about the statement Bryant made. His content is strong…"Yawl should have listened to me, “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal, you will regret not listening to the woman God sent you." The outspoken minister and public figure might not be your "cup of soup," but he sure stirs the pot.

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