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Dr. Irv Dardik Continues to Push Scientific Boundaries with a New Book

It was not all that long ago that frontal lobotomies were considered totally acceptable; therefore, it would not be surprising if 50-100 years from now, people look back at some of the things we are doing and find them completely unacceptable. Perhaps they'll look at all the pills we are taking that are causing addiction, and even death, and say, "I can't believe they did that back in the day." As people, we are constantly learning and advancing technology, but we do not have all the answers quite yet.

To advance our technology, we must question what we know and what we do not know. While in Vero Beach, I had the pleasure of meeting a doctor who did exactly this. Dr. Irving Dardik has been the subject of controversy, because he has challenged thoughts that many people simply accept to be true.

Having no idea who he was when I met him, I simply saw a pile of notes scribbled with physics equations. We struck up a conversation, and he told me about a book he was writing. As an author, I was instantly intrigued to know more, and what he told me he blew my mind.

He had co-authored one book titled Quantum Fitness, and his latest is The Nature of Nature, which will be out later this year on Rodale Press. In explaining the research behind his latest book, Dr. Dardik questions some famous thoughts by people like Darwin. The basis behind his logic is simple wave patterns.

While some early researchers, like Darwin, thought that the world was created out of chaos, Dardik insists that there is such perfection to the pattern that it could not be by accident. The pattern of waves exist all around us, from waves in the ocean to audio waves and light waves. Dardik uses the idea of waves and applies this towards things like the heartbeat, which he describes as a wave within a wave.

The heart beats faster when we exert energy, like working out, and it slows upon rest; this up and down results in a wave. With age, the max heart rate lessens, like a wave in the ocean approaching the shore. Upon death, the heart stops, and ends the wave of energy caused by the lub and dub contractions of the heart.

He takes these concepts down to a cellular level. His beliefs coincide with recent scientific research about cells in worms. Is it possible to reset cellular activity?

The heart can be restarted with a shock of electricity. It is not that far of a stretch to believe that perhaps our cells can be retrained as well. Dr. Dardik's book will delve into more detail on this and other such intriguing topics.

This may push the boundaries of what we currently accept to be true. Dr. Dardik is not a stranger to pushing the boundaries of science. After all, he and his brother pioneered the discovery that umbilical veins could be used as graft tissue during bypass surgeries back in the '70s.

Dardick also is noted as one of the first medical doctors to promote chiropractic in sports. The vascular surgeon taught at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and founded the Sports Medicine Council of the US Olympic Committee.In 1979, he recommended to the US Olympic Committee that a chiropractic doctor be included in their medical team at all future Olympic games.

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