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Weight loss secrets from Travis Stork's 'The Doctor's Diet' and 'Super Shred'

Dr. Ian Smith and Travis Stork reveal diet and workout tips for fast weight loss.
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Obesity expert Dr. Ian Smith and "The Doctors" star Dr. Travis Stork both have bestselling weight loss books that dish diet and workout tips for losing weight quickly.

In Super Shred: The Big Results Diet, Dr. Smith promises you can lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks by cycling calories and doing high-intensity interval training, while Dr. Stork promises you can jump-start weight loss by moderating carb intake and eating more protein in The Doctor's Diet.

Here are the best weight-loss tips from each plan:

Dr. Ian Smith's Super Shred:

  • Calorie disruption. Dieters consume 900 calories some days and 1,600 calories on other days during a four-week period. Dr. Ian said you can keep your metabolism up by confusing your body so it never gets used to one diet.
  • High-intensity interval training exercise. Dr. Smith recommends doing 40 minutes of high-intensity interval training a day. The theory behind HIIT is the same as calorie cycling: Keep your body from getting used to any one workout so it burns more calories.
  • Healthy meal replacement. Since reducing calories is important for weight loss, Dr. Ian recommends occasionally replacing a full meal with a fiber-rich smoothie or soup.

Dr. Travis Stork's The Doctor's Diet:

  • Amp up your protein intake. Dr. Stork said one-third of your daily caloric intake should come from protein such as red meat, poultry, seafood, beans, peas, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds. Protein keeps you fuller, longer, and cuts down on cravings.
  • "Carb flexing." Dr. Travis said reducing carbs can accelerate weight loss, but he doesn't believe in cutting carbs completely from your diet. He suggested you should modify your carb intake depending on your activity level.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day. "In addition to helping with weight loss, being physically active lowers your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and depression," said Dr. Stork. "It also helps strengthen your muscles, improves the health of your organs, boosts your mood and sharpens your brain."
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