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Dr. Hyman’s book the 10-day Detox Diet will change the way the country eats

Saturday and Sunday morning, Dr. Mark Hyman appeared on PBS television during a 2-hour show to talk about obesity in the United States. At first, it sounded like another doctor touting his new diet plan, but it quickly moved into why the country has an obesity problem. Dr. Hyman gets to the heart of the matter and explains it in quite a bit of detail and honesty about how we have been manipulated into thinking that we (as a country) have been consuming real food. Processed food isn’t good for the body, and in some cases it can be harmful. We become easily addicted to processed food and the way it tastes, so that real food does not taste good to us anymore.

Dr. Hyman has written numerous books and he has battled with weight issues himself. He openly talks about how doctors are trained to prescribe medication and quickly move on to the next patient. During this process, the doctor is not attempting to determine the cause of symptoms, but masking them with medication.

The Blood Sugar Solution 10-day Detox Diet book by Dr. Hyman was released in February 2014, is on the best sellers list, and has a solid 4 star rating. Dr. Hyman promotes whole food, and he states that you are better off choosing foods that don’t include food ingredient labels.

Although the 10-day Detox Diet book promotes feeling better and losing quite a bit of weight in the first 10 days, Dr. Hyman’s hope is that you will feel so much better that you will continue the diet after the detox. Some of the recipes in Dr. Hyman take some time to adjust to, and some taste fantastic. But re-adjusting to real food again may take some time. In the first few days of the detox diet, most people feel tired or lethargic as they detox, but typically by day six or seven, they begin to feel fantastic. Dr. Hyman tells numerous stories about patients getting off medications completely within a month or two after starting the detox diet.

Dr. Hyman has appeared on numerous TV shows including Dr. Oz and Good Morning America, and has performed at the Ted Talks conference. He was one of the doctors that started the Canyon Ranch.

For more information about Dr. Hyman, click here to be taken to his website.

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