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Dr. Henry L Gates the definition of an educated fool or an expert on Reparations?

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a professor at Harvard and he writes plenty of books and does whatever research is needed to exempt America or White people from having any responsibility to the conditions of descendants from slaves in America. I read his latest article, “Ending the Slavery Blame-Game” on how we should all just stop talking about reparations because, Guess what? Africans played a part in the slave trade too. He makes the argument that most people who fight for reparations tend to overlook this fact.

I can remember back as far as fifteen years ago when I heard the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking on reparations and he made a point to say “we will not let the Africans off the hook for their participation in the slave trade either”. He said these words when he was unveiling the book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. He spoke openly about the role the Jews played in the slave trade along with Africans. I find it funny when researching Dr. Gates that he also wrote a piece against the findings in this book. He spent the majority of the time defending the Jews.  

I will not waste time researching all of the facts to show how we have had plenty of educated fools stand in the way of our progress when it comes to us addressing our oppressors. If you study the history of the Jews, Native Americans and even the Chinese, you will find that an evil, greedy part of their society helped to contribute to the oppression of the people. You can do the research and find in the bible where reparations are valid and how Jonah was captured by his brothers and the country, Egypt was made to pay reparations.

I think at this stage of the game, we know about Africans who told on Africans that tried to escape on ships and on plantations. We all have heard the story of how slaves told on Nat Turner. We have all heard about Blacks who owned slaves.  The fight always comes back to us, the ones who want freedom, justice and equality. When we were slaves, there were actually debates as to whether or not we should fight for freedom.

How is this even open for debate? Who were the ones that wanted to stay in their conditions and play nice? Was it the slaves getting a few crumbs to eat and survive? Or was it the slave who was made to feel like one day he too could be accepted amongst the “elite”? He claims that since President Obama is now President of the United States, he can now offer a solution to the reparations debate. How can a man born from an African man and a Caucasian woman have all the answers to Black people problems in America? If it is because he is bi-racial, then I would rather follow another bi-racial man named Master Fard Muhammad who taught that the ‘WHITE MAN WAS THE DEVIL” and that “AMEIRCA IS THE MODERN DAY BABYLON”.

Photo by Richard ShabazzI would like to ask Dr. Gates who is responsible for the Jim Crow laws? Who is responsible for poor education in the Black communities? Who is responsible for Black codes and private prisons? Who is responsible for the Tuskegee experiment? Who is responsible for the colonization of Africa? Who is responsible for the “war on drugs” that put crack cocaine in our communities? Who is responsible for the difference in sentencing laws that disproportionately put Black people in prison at such an alarming rate in the last 20 years? Is this the fault of Africans or New Africans in America? Or is the same government that is still in place that created all of the above problems for people of color in America?

I read a book recently called “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” and in the book, the author talks about how when she visited South Africa and talked with the people about Apartheid, everybody seemed to be over it. White and Black. To make a long story short, she made the point that people were able to move on because the system and the government that created Apartheid had been destroyed. The problem we have in this country is the United States’ government is still the same government that enslaved us and the system of prison is still the same system of slavery that once enslaved all Africans.

We all have to apologize and repent for whatever role we played. I apologize for selling drugs in my community and falling victim to this system and I am willing to give all my time and money to repent. Is America or her citizens willing to do the same? Until Truth prevails, my eyes will be watching.

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