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Dr. George Fraser Launches The Connect The Dots Movement

Dr. George C. Fraser was recently inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame & Museum with the likes of John H. Johnson, Earl Graves, and John Rodgers. A renowned speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and leader, Dr. Fraser has held leadership positions with Procter & Gamble, United Way, and Ford. He has committed the balance of his life to instilling a culture of learn, earn, and return, teaching the principles of effective networking, team building, business and economic development in Black America.

Excellence at whatever you do is now the standard for 21st Century jobs and business opportunities. The FraserNet Movement is an initiative to provide Black people new online tools to move from average to amazing.

“Amazing” requires leverage, relationship building skills, and subject matter expertise. It will also require a three legged focus of learn, earn, and return so that Black people can be equal partners in the American dream.

To that end we are rolling out 4 new online tools that will help people of African descent and all those who support us as equal partners in the American dream to UNITE by expanding our network, to MOBILIZE for collective power and clout and to ENGAGE to improve our business and wealth skills short term and long term.

You can say metaphorically it is a more effective and efficient way to Connect the Dots… to LEARN, EARN, and RETURN to the community and help others.

There are 1.1 billion Black people in the world; 900 million in Africa, 140 million in the Americas, and another 20 million plus dispersed in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. On Dr. Fraser’s Facebook Fan page he has followers from 44 countries, and each of them are in need of personal growth and development and constant never ending improvement. The new will dramatically upgrade and develop new tools allowing FraserNet to become the “go to” source for this niche market. FraserNet will increase and scale its technology, infrastructure, and capacity to serve millions instead of thousands. Black people are now ready for new online tools that facilitate excellence and “Ownership Thinking”, end entitlement and create a culture of accountability, purpose, and profit.

“Regardless of our age or career status, we must innovate, adapt and evolve within the digital space. Playing Candy Crush Saga or Tweeting Celebrity news is not the most productive use of our skills or time” -Earl G. Graves Jr.

The model for the FraserNet Movement was developed in 2008 when a unknown Senator from Illinois named Barack Hussein Obama united, mobilized and engaged 45 million people using state of the art technology and big data (at a cost of millions of dollars) to become the first Black president of the United States against all odds…he connected the dots. Do your own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases.

Perks include Books, consultations with George Fraser, T-shirts, access to Fraser-Net tools, and spend the day with George Fraser, as well as many other things.

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