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Dr Dre has a Pill for you

Beats Pill XL
Beats Pill XL
Beast by Dre

There has been so much hoopla about the deal between Beats by Dr Dre and Apple, and part of that reason is due to the strong fan base that the company has built. With a great marketing strategy and strong manufacturing, the company has become one of the leaders in personal music peripheral technology. They started with headphones and over time moved to other devices such as speakers. Beats came out with the Pill Bluetooth speaker about two years ago and now they have upgraded those speakers by releasing the Beats Pill XL. With so many Bluetooth speakers on the market today, Beats has had more competition since the last Pill hit the streets. But with their superb marketing and top of the line sound, they are able to stand at the top of their respective category.

This year’s version of the Pill is called the XL because as one can guess, it is an extra large version of the original. I was never a fan of the original design but I guess the company wanted to stick with it since it did so well before. Coming in at 13 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches, this speaker is not the easiest to tote in a small bag or purse, for you ladies. Although, it does have a little handle in the back of the speaker to make it easier to carry alone but it weighs about 3 pounds which is heavier than most of its competitors. On the handle there is a small flap that covers the USB, audio, and auxiliary jacks. The device also has NFC which is a pretty cool feature to have available. When pairing the device via Bluetooth it was a pretty easy process so that was great to see since some that I have used took a few more steps than this one. One thing the folks at Beats have stood on is the sound quality of their products and the Pill XL did not fail that test. Even reaching the highest levels of the volume, the sound had very little distortion which is great for those party situations. I think that the sound is at the top end of the competition of Bluetooth speakers, but the price is what would deter most folks. At $299, the Pill XL is on the higher end of the Bluetooth speaker market but some may say that the quality of sound is worth the investment. Overall this is a solid device that will give great sound for any setting.