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Dr Dre celebrates with Heineken over buyout from Apple

Heineken beer tells its drinkers to drink responsibly, when you go to their webpage you find that they have rules on marketing their products responsibly; however, every once in a while you find that the marketing of Heineken beer gets out of the hands of the company itself. So what may be an incident where Heineken cannot control their own marketing?
It’s when Dr. Dre (known as the co-founder of Beats Electronics, also a phenomenal rapper) decides to sell his company to Apple for what would be a 3.2 billon dollar acquisition. So how is Heineken involved with the entire incident?
All of this is rumor as of now and Apple does not normally buy companies that like Beats that do not have proprietary technology and that come with a huge headache, such as the need to renegotiate music rights with a number of other companies. Dr. Dre came out and ‘announced’ the deal while celebrating with Heineken beer prematurely. So, if it is true or not, either way it’s a lesson to be learned in marketing; because, Heineken gets free publicity out of the deal if they like it or not.

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