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Dr. Diffenbaugh's Meet and Greet

district building
district building

On Sunday, Dr. “PK” Diffenbaugh came to the Seaside City Council to take part in the “Meet and Greet” for the community that was hosted by a whole array of community dignitaries. His message can be found on the district's website, including an Entry plan that is divided into 3 parts. The second part of the entry plan is in August/September with "hitting the ground learning."

There was a short question and answer period after the introduction with topics about Algebra learning, the militarization of the classroom, and interfacing government agencies like the ATF with the active classroom.

While most assured the new superintendent that there would be plenty of support from civil leaders and parents, and that this place is a virtual paradise for it's location, there was still the acknowledgment that problems in the past have not found solid solutions.

Why haven’t highly paid administrators, teachers, counselors, consultants, and other education personnel been able to find the key that opens the lock to the dilemma that students are getting the best of instruction, but in terms of the scale of rating, it is lower than students from other countries, and even in California: other districts and areas?

Students are not able to focus and learn the standards placed in front of them, and there are lots of emphasis on attitude and behavior as the hindrance to their learning. One explanation is that technological progress and advancement increases competition at the expense of aggression, which is a sign of strength and a dilemma remains and a “Catch-22” as a vicious cycle, because of it’s the repetitious and cyclic nature. Rationalizations perpetuating the problem without solutions take the form of routinely not taking responsibility and making excuses for every inappropriate action. That is why the classroom becomes a war zone instead of a place to learn information 9 times out of 10.

Dr. Diffenbaugh is extremely qualified to turn the past problems around, and people were exceedingly grateful that he decided to bring his expertise, background and past successes from other school districts to Monterey Peninsula Unified School district.

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