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Dr. Ben Carson says he may run for president in 2016

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, the former celebrated neurosurgeon who became a conservative superstar about two years ago, has moved towards a possible run for president on the Republican side in 2016. He is aptly forming a political action committee and has also has selected the person who would run his campaign if he should ultimately decide to run for president. The man he has chosen to run his campaign, should he decide to run, would be Terry Giles, according to the Washington Times.

Carson engaged in two days of meetings with his supporters in Palm Beach, Florida prior to revealing information about the outcome of those meetings – and his future plans in politics. During the meetings, the formation of One Nation – a PAC – was approved as well. Emerging from the meetings, Carson faced the media to say that now is the time for him to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation regarding a presidential run. He said that it is the time to put down the structure that is necessary for a run.

When asked outright about a presidential run in 2016, he stated that he is definitely a step or two closer than he was in making that decision a year ago. The results of the 2015 midterm elections – in which, of course, the Republicans are working diligently to hold their stronghold in the House of Representatives and working to overpower the Democrats in the United States Senate – will be a major factor in his decision as to whether he will run or not.

Carson also stated that One Nation – his new PAC – will be trying to support candidates with views on the issues similar to his own. He said, “Obviously, we are very interested in what happens in November - and if the people also continue to show strong desire for me to run, obviously that would be an important factor, too.”

According to NBC News, Dr. Carson has polled extremely well. He is quite popular among conservatives throughout the country – in particular, he does well with Tea Party supporters. He is described as a soft-spoken gentleman who is passionate about the nation and its concerns.

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