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Dr. Ben Carson's Costco connection

Dr. Ben Carson

Remember the uproar over Costco removing D'Souza's book "America" from the shelves because it was unflattering to the president and Costco is a huge contributor to Obama. Costco, of course, denied that the removal was politically motivated.

Costco CFO Richard Galanti said the decision to pull D'Souza's book was not political but was based solely on sales, arguing Costco's national goal is to market books that show up on the New York Times bestseller list. The book made the New York Times list July 13. Costco pulled it just days before. In fact, the book had until July 15 to be off the shelves.

However, another strong critic of Obama did not see his book pulled from Costco. Dr. Ben Carson, who is a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has a new bestselling book called "One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future" on the shelves. But then, Dr. Carson has been on the Board of Directors of Costco for 15 years.

He says on his website about the controversy, " In the years that I have had the privilege of serving on the Costco board, I have never witnessed a single incident where politics influenced a business decision." Dr. Carson does a lot of damage control for Costco and insists that it was due to sluggish book sales, not being aware that the movie was coming out, and an "uncharacteristic lack of attention to what was going on in a very small segment of the sales portfolio." One must ask why he was so determined to defend Costco. Why him? Had another board member, one not with presidential aspirations, defended Costco it would have perhaps been perceived differently.

Dr. Carson has also been on the Board of Directors for Kellogg since 1997. Kellogg has been catching heat for it's unhealthy products. Their cereal, Kellogg's Honey Smacks, leads the list of the 10 worst children's cereals with almost 56% sugar by weight. Kellogg's is being pressured to change the way they advertise to children. If the pressure gets too great, will he run interference for them, too?

Dr. Carson displays a great deal of common sense and seems to be the voice of reason much of the time. He uses his best doctor's bedside manner when he speaks and once again people are speaking of him as being the one to "save America." We thought that way once before. Americans need to look at the "whole package", not just what is said. Where will his loyalties lie when he has to choose between what is right for the people or what benefits the company where he has a special interest?

It may seem like a small insignificant thing but down the line it can become a huge bargaining chip for the companies involved, a conflict of interest for the one in office, and a real nightmare for the American people.

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