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Dr. Ben Carson: Pro-(School)Choice, Conservationist, Revolutionary for President

Events seem to be moving in the direction of a Ben Carson candidacy for President of the United States in 2016. With the creation of a PAC dedicated to electing conservatives to office in the 2014 election cycle Carson appears to be ready to enter the political fray while leaving his options open for the 2016 Presidential race. The question then becomes, who is Dr. Ben Carson and what are his philosophies, positions and qualifications for the job?

Dr. Carson, based on his writings, speeches and interviews, appears to be a Reagan conservative philosophically. He's argued for lower taxes, less government restraint on business, repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and a return to traditional values that he sees disappearing under the weight of political correctness and Progressivism. He has also argued for a more aggressive approach to foreign policy as opposed to the current Administration's philosophy of non-interventionism. Many have accused this President of deliberately choosing to lead from behind in an attempt to diminish the United States' influence in the world. Dr. Carson appears to agree with this critique of Obama's foreign policy.

Carson favors a flat-tax, school choice, energy independence, health savings accounts and a return to traditional moral values. He opposes abortion, gun-control and the restrictions on expression that unfettered political correctness have imposed. He believes common sense leads to conserving the environment- since smart businessmen view their enterprises in the long run and a healthy planet is optimal in the long run for all successful enterprises to flourish.

Qualifications? His personal story is one of overcoming obstacles to achieving the pinnacle of success in his chosen field. His speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013 illustrates his courage in speaking truth to power. His calm response to the controversy his speech caused shows his quiet confidence in his convictions. As we seek to sink further into moral depravity every day, his traditional moral values show him to be something of a revolutionary. His potential bid to become the first private citizen to be elected President is revolutionary as well.

So describing Dr. Ben Carson as a Pro Choice (in education), Conservationist Revolutionary, while provocative, can be defended. Calling him a Reagan Conservative also fits. Dr. Carson, if he decides to run, will confound the Mainstream Media, annoy Progressives and excite Conservatives. This alone should cause people unhappy with the status quo to hope and pray he runs.

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