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Dr. Ben Carson accuses some in Obama administration of being "Gestapo"

Dr. Ben Carson: Obama admiistration "Gestapo"
Dr. Ben Carson: Obama admiistration "Gestapo"
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Dr. Ben Carson, the brain surgeon turned political analyst, claimed Tuesday some officials in the Obama administration are "acting like Gestapo." Many think the doctor was directly referring to the indictment of Dinesh D'Souza by the Justice Department and the IRS in opposition to the administration, specially conservative organizations.

Using words like “Gestapo” usually creates a media sensation when spoken in public to the media. Dr. Carson’s personal reason is that he himself was the victim of an IRS audit after he criticized Obama's policies at the National Prayer breakfast in Washington last year.

Was it a “targeted” audit? "I believe we are dealing with an extremely corrupt administration," he said.

"I've always been someone who has been very careful about my finances and the way I take care of my business," explained Dr. Carson. "I've never undergone this kind of scrutiny before, but then it comes after the prayer breakfast. They're harassing my family. They're harassing my colleagues. And they're not finding anything - so that just makes them dig a little deeper," he told WND.

He further reiterated his anger on Fox New’s “The Factor” show with Bill O’Reilly last night.

He told O’Reilly, "What he said was that his administration was not guilty of any wrongdoing with regard to the IRS and he blamed Fox News for reporting it. I don't think he would be happy unless Fox News was shut down and there was no more criticism of his actions."

Dr. Carson is a possible future candidate for the republican nomination for president.

Being a high-profile public figure, he has concerns about the indictment of D'Souza who is an author, scholar and filmmaker-the producer of "2016: Obama's America."

D'Souza was indicted on two felony counts by a federal grand jury for violating campaign laws. A conviction could lead to up to seven years in prison for making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and for illegally contributing $15,000 to a candidate running for US Senate.

The congressional investigation of the IRS has only begun to bring into focus a number of individuals who may be indicted in future grand jury indictments.

This is only the beginning of yet another scandal in the Obama administration.

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