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‘Dozens of white lights’ seen over Windsor, Ontario

On January 27 at approximately 6:30 a.m., a Windsor resident saw “dozens of white lights moving across the sky slowly and in the same direction."

According to a National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) report, the witness wrote that it was still dark out and he was on the way to catch a bus to school.

“As I was waiting at the bus stop, I looked up and noticed a small white light that was moving. I thought it was a star or that the movement of the wind/clouds was making it appear that the star was moving. So I looked around and noticed that there were dozens of these lights all moving in the same direction.”

The witness added, “At least one light was further up in the sky and appeared smaller yet it kept up the same slow speed as all the other white lights that were stretched across the sky.”

It was also noted that the lights moved at a slow rate of speed and all in the same direction.

“It was really weird.”

Columns of light

On January 22 at about 6:20 a.m., a Welland, Ontario resident was enjoying a smoke on a front porch when “multiple vertical columns of light” were seen in the south/southwestern sky over Welland, Ontario.

According to a NUFORC report, the witness first spotted an airplane in a southward direction with flashing lights that was traveling east to west. A “vertical column of dim light” was noticed when the plane flew behind it.

Turning in a westerly direction, the witness then saw another “six to eight identical light columns; all columns were narrow in width (like telephone poles). They were completely straight and vertical extending into the sky with no apparent end.”

The witness also noted that there was a three-quarter moon and that the columns appeared to be under it.

“I came back out 45 minutes later and daylight was beginning, and there were no signs of the light columns or anything that stood in their original positions.”

This sighting lasted approximately 10 minutes.

January 2014 sightings reports continued HERE.

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