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Dozens of dogs found dead in Detroit's River Rouge Park as snow melts

Once someone's family dog, someone dropped him off with kennel and all.
Once someone's family dog, someone dropped him off with kennel and all.
Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG)

In a most disturbing discovery on Friday, along the west side Detroit's River Rouge Park, were dozens of dead dogs, many curled into the fetal position, lying near West Outer Drive between Plymouth Road and West Warren Avenue reported Friday's

According to Detroit Animal Welfare Group, (DAWG) board member, Nicole Litzelman, many of the dogs were pit bulls and mastiff mixes who showed bite marks and scarring on their decomposing bodies. The dogs' bodies had apparently been dropped off while the snow was piled up, and as the weather warmed up, the once frozen and snow covered bodies appeared.

Litzelman stated the park has become a dumping ground for the bodies of fighting dogs:

“A lot of people when they do these illegal activities, they can’t put them out in the trash because even a lot of the trash collectors will report dead animals in the trash. Or much less, they don’t want to draw any attention to the house where they’re fighting the dogs illegally.”

While Litzelman thinks that most of the dogs were victims of dog fighting activities, there were also dead dogs dropped off who had once belonged to families. One dead dog was found in his kennel with his name written on top.

On Saturday at noon, a walk will begin at the pool entrance off Plymouth and Outer Drive to recover the bodies of deceased dogs that have been discovered in the few days. They will also assist in the recovery and transport of any injured dogs.

The park is 1,200 acres and assistance from volunteers would be appreciated. Anyone needing more information can call any of these volunteers:

Nicole 248-431-0852
Kelley 586-354-8500
Sharon 586-321-3393

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