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Dozens of cats abandoned, not once but twice; reward offered

At the beginning of May 2014, almost 40 cats were found abandoned in a field in Southwick, Mass., according to WGGB. The cats were originally left alone in an empty apartment building but maintenance workers took the cats and dumped them in the woods. Most of the cats were emaciated and suffering from major health problems.

A flyer that can be printed and passed out to help find the persons responsible for abandoning roughly 40 cats.
Westfield Homeless Cat Project / Facebook
Giru, one of the cats found abandoned.
Westfield Homeless Cat Project / Facebook

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest by the Westfield Homeless Cat Project, the organization that took in all of the cats. The MSPCA Law Enforcement team is investigating.

It all began when someone called the Westfield Homeless Cat Project because she overheard maintenance workers talking about the abandoned cats, possibly from a Russell apartment, according to MassLive. Though the organization never heard from the woman again, weeks later the cats were discovered by a man in a Southwick field on Hillside Avenue.

Denise Sinico, founder of Westfield Homeless Cat Project, suspects the cats were part of a kitten mill, a large-scale breeding facility, because the cats are either purebred Siamese or Snow Shoe Siamese. None of the cats are spayed or neutered, some are pregnant and many have markings indicative of familial relationship.

Unfortunately, it is possible not all of the cats were rescued and no kittens were found. It is possible that the kittens were taken by the persons responsible since they could be sold. All of the cats are friendly and will go up for adoption after they have fully recovered.

Volunteers are still attempting to find any more cats that might have been left behind.

Anyone with any information should call Roy Sutton, investigator at the MSPCA, at 1-800-628-5808 or email If you would like to help with monetary donations to the Westfield Homeless Cat Project, please visit its Facebook page for more information.

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