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Downtown: Pepper Place Saturday Market

Radish from Pepper Place
Radish from Pepper Place
Angie Bell

After having unpacked boxes all week, I was glad to get out of the house. So, the first weekend in May we decided to find the Saturday Market at Pepper Place. I am grateful for our phones and GPS as there were a lot of turns to take from our home in Hoover to downtown Birmingham. When we got there I was pleasantly surprised to find so much fresh produce. I’d gone online before we went to scope out and make note of all the organic farmers. We hit these up first. One thing I bought was a bunch of radishes. Now, up until that point I’d only had them in salads. But, as I was researching ways to keep them fresh, I discovered two things.

  1. You can eat the leaves – which we did in our salad at supper that night.
  2. Other people eat them with bread and butter. I tried this and can’t believe I’ve missed out on this all my life!

I also found some excellent strawberries from Mountain Meadows Farm. I even went to the farm to pick some myself last week.

If you want fresh produce, coffee, soap, jewelry, and pleasant music to boot, visit Pepper Place.