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Downtown part iv: theatres

Theatres of Downtown Los Angeles: Palace Theatre
Theatres of Downtown Los Angeles: Palace Theatre

Downtown is famous for their theatres. At least, I think there were. There are over 20 theatres lining up and down Broadway and Main Street alone, both movie theaters and dance theatres. Some of the famous theatres that you might have heard of from stories or the movies are either still open or closed are: the Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles Theatre, Palace Theatre, Globe Theatre, Tower Theatre, Cameo Theatre, and Roxie Theatre. Sadly, most were closed down and never opened again. Many had been converted in shops and businesses, while others remained an empty shell of what was, waiting for new owners.

After over 20 years, I've passed by these theatres, but never really went out of the way to visit them. They were always boarded up and looked abandon with graffiti scratched onto the building. The only theaters I know that are still alive and open in Downtown are the Ahmanson Theater and the Mark Taper Forum. Although the lights and colors had faded, there are always banners announcing new shows. They reside within The Music Center, across the street from Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The theatre is one of my favorite places to visit. Unlike a movie theater, these live, performing arts theatre allows one to feel the music within them while feeling the breeze of intense movements brush against the senses. The most prominent structure and a new addition to this place is a frame-less door decorated with dancers that swings out into streets from above the leading stairs. From above the stairs, there is a great view of the city.

I haven't been to see a show there since one of my class' ballet recital, which can pretty much be summed up to a very, very long time ago. Despite not going for the shows, I have visited the outside plaza/court area. Not much has changed in the last ten years. I remembered the large Christmas tree that gets erected every year after Thanksgiving, where me and my family used to have a tradition of posing in front of them. Instead of going for the shows, we would go take pictures with the tall Christmas trees and run around the court yard. Sometimes, the trees were green, others white, and once, I think there was even a pink tree. I'm not sure when we stopped the tradition, but nonetheless, I had always enjoy visiting the place.

It is open to the public and invites them to enjoy the free programs and activities of learning to dance and new musical instruments. You may go to the website to check it out.

Not to waste the trip, you should also visit some of the other venues nearby: Walt Disney Concert Hall, MOCA, Grand Avenue Park