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Downtown part iii: grand park

Grand Park - the present
Grand Park - the present

Pink. That's the only word to describe Grand Park. The tables, the benches, and the bike racks. They are all pink. Sometimes, even the fountain is pink. Across the street from the court house, the park is a refreshing sight. It is a large contrast to the busy streets and tall buildings.

In addition to carrying lots of exotic plants from countries such as Europe and Africa, the park addresses the diversity of Los Angeles. At the entrance to the park, there is a structure with multiple languages welcoming you to Grand Park. A small breather from city life, the park has multiple benches, tables, and grass where one can sit, let go of worries and soak in the sun.

Although the park is a relatively quiet place that is occupied with many white collar, business, and lawyer types, is not just a park. It is open to the public and host events such as concerts, movies, and outdoor lunches. This year, for the first time, Los Angeles got to drop their own New Year's ball at Grand Park.

A pro and con of the park is the security that patrols it. As much as it is a deterrence for crime, it sends a sense of unease for some people. Being in the middle of the court house, we can see the necessity for them. I am not stating that it gets dangerous or that the security guards are intimidating because they are not. The security guards don't bother anyone, they blend in with the crowds and are always approachable for questions. So don't be alarmed when you see them walking the perimeter.

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