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Downtown part i: disney concert hall

Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA
Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA
Kathleen Khao

Many people do not know that the construction of LA's Downtown Disney Concert Hall had undergone some glare from neighboring apartments and drivers. Many believed that it was more trouble than it was worth. Constructed by Frank Gentry, a native of Prague and an accomplished architect, the unique structure is made up of reflective stainless steel sheets that bounces sunlight away from itself. It has been met with many grievances and controversy because the trajectory of the lights found homes in neighboring apartments. They pass through the windows and bake the rooms up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. From early morning to mid afternoon, the apartments were unbearably scorching. In address to the complaints, certain panels were dulled while new tinted windows were installed for residents of the upper floors mostly affected by the problems. This costed the city up to $90,000.

Despite the misgivings of residents, DCH is an iconic site to Los Angeles. It is the home of the LA Phil harmonics (i.e. orchestra). Built in 2003, the hall invites people to come and enjoy the love of music. Open from Sunday through Saturday with the exception of concerts, the Hall is open to the public. From 9 am to 2pm, there are both audio and self-guided tours. Guided tours end at 12pm.

From the top, there is a clear view of Downtown with lots of fresh air, shade, and sun light. There are free shows for the public as well practices you can enjoy from the sidewalk. You may check out the calendar at the entrance or on their website.

If you are not a fan of architecture, there are a few other places nearby you may check out: Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Ahmanson Theater, Grand Avenue Park