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Downtown Huntsville to expand?

Downtown Huntsville is looking at the possibly of adding 182 acres. In an article recently published in the Huntsville Times, the city zoning committee recently OKed a proposal to rezone some of the area around downtown to be for general business (zone C3).

The rezoning could be an enticing benefit for business to relocate to the area. Downtown has no minimum requirement for parking. This means businesses do not have to spend their money on grading or paving for parking spaces, giving them more money to invest in their facilities, inventory, employees, etc. 

Normally, in areas outside of the downtown zone, businesses are required to provide enough parking spaces for 50% of their total seating capacity. This can be a costly expense for restaurants and bars that have large capacities and would have to build parking lots to meet the zoning ordinance.  

The businesses downtown are permitted to do this because the city has four  parking garages and four lots, totaling more 4600 spaces in addition to parking spaces available on the street. So don't customers should not have a problem finding a parking spot- as long as they don't mind walking a little longer.

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing about the issue on January 26th at 5:00pm.