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Downtown Greenwood Report

The time has come to discuss again what to do with Downtown Greenwood.  While there are mixed feelings on this subject we really need to consider why we are going nowhere.  I think its because no one has come up with a plan to take all the ideas from every corner and put them into a plan. People really need to start thinking out of the box and into the future by way of the past.  All the ideas in the world can not come to fruitation if nothing can be done with politics, pen and paper.  Of all the groups I have not seen anyone come forward to have more open discussions.  Last time they had a meeting was back in 2008 and although it takes time and money how can we possibly see anything behind closed doors? 

We can't!  So I'm going to jump on the probervial soap box and tell you what I found in a report. I think it might open us up to more discussions, more community support and for those who have been keeping quiet to suddenly speak up.

How can we not speak up about something so important as the revitalization on our own town, our beloved community of families who down through the ages have passed story after story for generations to take hold of the good times that were had by all.  It really wasn't that long ago people.

I have spoken to those who remember what Downtown Greenwood was like back in the day and to the future kids who remember what those old folks told them.  We have to mesh the two together and get going on a plan that makes what was so fun and mememorable in the past to what can become new again for generations to come.



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