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Downtown Fort Worth: Farmers market to open on Tuesdays.

Get your shopping basket ready.
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The farmers are coming! The farmers are coming!

If you're looking for the freshest local weekday produce, get yourself down to Federal Park Plaza on Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Cowtown Farmers Market hosts local farmers who will wow you with tomatoes, peaches, breads, and more.

Talk of a downtown market grew in recent months, after the General Services Administration hosted a downtown pop-up market as part of its Earth Day celebration.

Tina Jaegerman, GSA's public affairs officer, said the response from employees and other downtown workers was overwhelmingly positive.

"We wanted to bring fresh food options to downtown and help support local vendors and small businesses," Jaegerman said. "People walked outside on their lunch hour and purchased fresh fruits and vegetables. They loved it." here to read entire Star Telegram article.

Thanks to the food-friendly rains so far this year, local producers have bumper crops of your farmers market favorites. Last year at this time, producers were feeling a bit of a pinch, but things got really crispy as the hot dry spring stretched into a horrendous summer. Berries, tomatoes, beans - all the market favorites are back with a delicious vengeance.

What a great way to add those all-important fresh fruits and veggies which provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals - those wonderful nutrients which just about every diet guru says should be part of a healthy diet. Good and good for you.


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