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Downtown Detroit's best bars featured on new stylized poster


They’re called Pubsters, and in recent months the series of bar-focused posters have enjoyed success highlighting hangouts in Big 10 and Mid-American Conference cities.

The Pubs of Detroit poster features many of the top hangouts downtown.
Ken Welsch

Now you can add Detroit to the list.

Available for purchase at, the Pubs of Detroit posters feature some of the biggest name bars in downtown Detroit, as well as a handful of the lesser-known hangouts. Featuring bars from Foxtown to Harmonie Park, Greektown to Bricktown, Pubs of Detroit is a great way to add a unique splash to your home or business décor.

If anything, the posters accentuate just how wide the downtown bar scene really is. From decades-old favorites like Jacoby’s and Old Shillelagh, to more recent hotspots like Cheli’s and the Detroit Beer Company, the posters manage to touch on just about all of Detroit’s many popular places. According to (the city’s new unofficial welcoming committee), the one-square-mile area that constitutes downtown Detroit features upwards of 125 bars, and more are being added by the week, it seems.
So which bars were selected? Some of the notables include the Elwood, Fishbone’s, the Town Pump Tavern, Hockeytown Café, Cliff Bell’s, Harry’s, Mac’s on Third, the Grand Trunk Pub, Bookies and the Sweetwater Tavern.

So who didn’t make the cut? Avid downtown bar patrons will no doubt immediately scour the entire work to see if their favorite place was omitted. Look closely, because the streetscape style artwork is a montage of the city’s best-known landmarks, including Comerica Park and the Ambassador Bridge. It’s like looking at a Where’s Waldo? picture. Our first glance was relatively quick (so you’ll pardon us if we missed it), but the front-runner for the most surprising omission is The Anchor.

(If you’re wondering, “What about Nemo’s?”, relax. Rumor has it that a separate Pubster called Pubs of Corktown is in the works.)

FOR MORE INFO: Visit to place an order or to check out the catalog of Pubsters currently available. Since Detroit was only recently added to list, give it a little time for the catalog to reflect the addition.


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