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Downtown Austin throws another Krucial club into the Mixx

Klub Krucial Logo
Klub Krucial Logo

A popular sixth street venue formerly called Club Mixx, which was well-known for its Old School Rock & Hip-Hop acts recently changed its name on Nov. 27th to Klub Krucial. This shocked many of the bars regulars however, their worries slowly diminished as the new owners began showing similar line-ups. Despite having a new staff; they are also friendly and the club's promotioal flyers just as eye-catching.

On New Years Eve, a surprising turnout was noted, it might have been because of the inclusion of a $500 ball drop, promise of cheap drinks or the ingenious networking skills of many club supporters. The club also recently hosted a show on Jan. 8th featuring one of texas' newest female rappers; Candi Redd whom I had the pleasure of personally meeting. That particular show set the stage for what the staff members claim is the main approach for upcoming shows, it was centered around showcasing many local artists who share a common passion and energetic stage presence. 

One unique feature about the space is that the club is very open which is comforting with plenty of room to dance and enjoy yourself amongst collegues. The upstairs is now mainly used as a VIP area for private parties and celebrity socialites. And, the back patio area which was a big hit during the warmer months is still a nice place to sit back and catch the show for those brave patrons willing to face austin's current cold front. A nice payoff especially in these trying days is the drink prices; they are comparable to other local bars and if bar-hopping this one should definately not be skipped.

Klub Krucial is located on E. 6th St just around the corner from Red River beside Emo's. For recent news on upcoming shows and events visit one of the club's many websites.

Klub Krucial

614 East 6th St ATX 78701

Hours: Wed-Sun 9PM-2 AM