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Downtown Atlanta Cable News Network updates Georgians on Eric Cantor loss

Cable News Network (CNN) headquarters in downtown Atlanta pictured from the view of the Westin Hotel.
Cable News Network (CNN) headquarters in downtown Atlanta pictured from the view of the Westin Hotel.
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Political news travels fast in Georgia with the state's Cable News Network located in bustling downtown Atlanta. So it was no surprise to hear CNN reporting on the loss of Eric Cantor on the morning of June 11, 2014. According to CNN's Politics Editor Mark Preston, the House Republican "lost touch with his district" and that's why he trailed Dave Brat with only 44 percent of the voters behind him.

USA Today reported the loss even earlier, as noted by a complimentary copy's front page staring at the Atlanta Top News Examiner from her cushy 7 a.m. seat inside the Westin Peachtree Plaza's breakfast dining room dubbed The Cafe'. The sleek eatery offers guests a free early morning look at the days' top news headlines as they dine on a sumptuous spread fit for Southern royalty: fruits, hot and cold cereals, eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, oatmeal, muffins, bagels, pastries, corned beef hash, potatoes, pancakes, and so much more.

So as Eric Cantor and the Republican Party discuss the monumental loss to the Tea Party supporters, the guests in the Westin can comfort themselves (or celebrate) the loss/win politically in the comfort of one of the best kept secrets downtown. And CNN can keep the Atlanta crowd updated on the political hot topic across the multitude of electronic big screen tellies found almost everywhere in the Westin, including each guest room.

It's disappointing sure, but I believe in this country," Cantor told reporters. "I believe there is opportunity around the next corner for all of us," the former No. 2 republican stated.

And Ted Turner, the founder of Turner Broadcasting System and CNN, would likely agree, even at this particular economic climate in the history of the nation, as he is now choosing to take Americans toward a cleaner and renewable energy source opportunity with his purchase of a Macho Springs Solar Facility in New Mexico the way he initially sought to make getting the latest updates on news a 24/7 proposition. So don't expect Eric Cantor to just fold and go away because a Tea Party candidate managed to unseat him in the House this year. But do expect CNN to let you know what he will be up to next, as the news outlet prides itself on getting those kind of scoops.