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‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 7: Is Mr. Bates the real killer?

Did Mr. Bates kill Anna's rapist?
Did Mr. Bates kill Anna's rapist?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Downton Abbey” has only one more episode left in season four. It has been an interesting season of love, flirtations and drama surrounding the upstairs/downstairs clan. Episode seven aired on Feb. 16 and it had quite a few revelations and even a death of one of the most hated characters in the show’s history.

Mr. Green, Anthony’s valet and Anna’s rapist, has met with an untimely death in last night’s episode. This brings up the question on whether it was from the hands of Anna’s beloved husband, Mr. Bates, or it was just a terrible coincidence.

It all started after Anna ended up telling Lady Mary the name of the man who attacked her after Mary announced that Anthony, and his valet, would be paying another visit to Downton. The confession sparked Mary to ask her suitor to let Mr. Green go without telling him exactly why. Since Anthony is quite smitten with her, he agreed. This brought much relief to Anna, who will now not have to dread the painful visit from her rapist and to try to keep her husband from finding out.

However, that is not exactly how it went down. Anthony never got a chance to fire Green, as the valet was found dead. He was pushed into the street in front of a bus and killed. Who pushed him? Well, the finger does point to Mr. Bates, who had asked for time off to go to York for some unknown reason on the same day the he was killed.

As soon as Mary found out from Tony, she rushed to find Anna. Of course, she suspects her husband, which is what she had feared the most. When Anna asked him if he would ever do anything to risk the life they had built together, he said he wouldn't.

Do you believe that Mr. Bates did the deed? Or maybe Green raped someone else and that person decided to kill him instead?

Sound off on your thoughts on last night’s episode of “Downton Abbey.”

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