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‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 episode 6: Lady Mary slops in the mud to save her bacon

Michelle Dockery plays Lady Mary on Downton Abbey.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It was a downright dirty mess on last night’s episode of “Downton Abbey” as Lady Mary took to the mud trying to save her pigs. Season four is turning out to be full of many surprises for the Crawley family. Episode six aired on Feb. 9 on PBS and it proved to be a muddy experience for the newly widowed mother.

Charles Blake is back and he is causing all sorts of problems for Mary. She does not take too well to being called ‘aloof’ by the Downton guest and is going round and round with him as usual. As the new owner of some pigs, she and Charles decide to take a stroll to pay a visit with the swine. Unfortunately, the pigs have tipped over their water supply and one of them is already dead from dehydration. Charles goes into action to get buckets of water to them. The surprise of the night was when Mary, in her gorgeous purple dress, follows his lead in a desperate effort to ‘save her bacon.’

However, her shoe gets stuck in the mud and down she goes. Charles offers his assistance but she waves him off, gets up on her own, and continues on as she gets herself all muddy and disgusting. This is quite a different side that we have seen since she is used to being dressed and pampered by her housemaid. It looks like she is definitely out to prove that she can be just as productive as the rest of the world.

The couple later got a little romance thing going on as Lady Mary started flinging mud at her soon-to-be suitor. It was quite refreshing to see the eldest daughter smile and laugh a little bit. It looks like the ‘aloofness’ is wearing off quick. Later, Lord Gillingham arrives and now Mary has three men in the same house that are after her affections. Remember that Mr. Napier is also quite intrigued by her. Whatever will she do?

In other “Downton Abbey” happenings, Lady Edith set out to get an illegal abortion in London, but she ended up running out of there after witnessing the aftereffects of another abortion that was just performed. Also in London, Rose meets up with Jack Ross for a romantic boat ride and some smooching, too.

Violet had come down with a bad case of bronchitis and Isobel is the one to spend day and night nursing her back to health, which brought the ladies closer, even playing a mean game of cards together.

Mrs. Hughes ended up spilling the news to Lady Mary about Anna so that she could understand why Mr. Bates shouldn’t accompany Lord Grantham to America. Mary was gracious enough to talk her father into taking Thomas instead. Anna was later taken by surprise when her rapist, Mr. Greene, showed up. Mrs. Hughes threatened the guy, telling him that she knows everything and to leave Anna alone. However, from the look on Mr. Bates’ face at the end of the show, he made the connection when Mr. Greene mentioned that he was downstairs at the same time that Anna was during the program.

What do you think Mr. Bates will do now that he knows the truth?

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