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'Downton Abbey' Season 4, Episode 3: It's like a train wreck on a dark night

"Downton Abbey" Season 4 continued on PBS with the third episode on Jan. 19, and the only question regards what Downton fans did to deserve this kind of punishment. So far, at least it's not been the dismal death march that Season 3 turned out to be; nobody's dead yet. It has, however, been a terrible experience, but like the proverbial train wreck, fans just cannot turn away.

You just can't look away, but 'Downton Abbey' is a train wreck.

It appears that not one single character in the entire cast of "Downton Abbey," be it upstairs or downstairs, is without gut-wrenching personal pain. It's almost difficult to find one character that is even slightly positive or the least bit happy.

There is an atmosphere of sadness around the tormented Mr. Bates and his wife, a rape victim. Mary and Tom have their continued grief, and Tom is always painfully class-conscious. Grieving mother Isabelle Crawley, Edith and her married lover, and Carson's deceased long-lost love all bring a tragic melancholy to the beautiful, historic backdrop.

The only happy moment in the whole episode was when Rose was twirling around in the arms of the African-American singer. And, that was one part of this week's episode that probably would never have happened in 1922.

Will we continue to watch? Of course, we will! It's “Downton Abbey!”

If you missed "Downton Abbey" this week, you can watch videos of Season 4 on

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