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'Downton Abbey''s Daisy dishes on what's ahead in season 4

When "Downton Abbey" returns on Sunday night, it's six months after the death of Matthew (Dan Stevens) -- and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is so depressed, she calls her infant son -- and the Downton heir -- an orphan, even though she's his mother.

Sophie McShera as Daisy Mason on "Downton Abbey.

Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) comes into her own in Season 4 as she continues her dalliance with a married man with unexpected results. And downstairs, the bickering continues as Daisy (Sophie McShera) is hoping that Alfred (Matt Milne) will finally pay her some romantic attention, and Anna (Joanne Froggett) and Bates' (Brendan Coyle) marriage is in jeopardy as a result of a shocking event. spoke to McShera to get all the scoop that she was allowed to reveal! Check it out below.

With the loss of Matthew, does that affect the downstairs servants as well as the Crawley family?

It definitely does. The general mood of upstairs always filters down. People will come down and talk about it. They are like our soap opera, the upstairs people. That is all the servants have to talk about and be interested in. Matthew's death will be on everyone's mind for sure.

What's happening with Daisy? I know there was a time when she was not happy because she wanted a promotion, but now she has it. Is she still not happy?

She is happy in her work, but she is not happy in the fact that she is still really smitten with Alfred and he still won't look at her. She is trying to woo him unsuccessfully and he only has eyes for Ivy (Cara Theobold), which causes a lot of tension. She sort of made friends with Ivy, but they are not getting on.

But Ivy is not really interested in him.

I know! So he should give up and they should get together.

What about her father-in-law, William Mason? He wanted her to come and be at the farm.

Yeah. She is taking a long time mulling that decision over. There is another scene with her father-in-law (Paul Copley) in Series 4. He is still very much there, present, but she is not making any decisions it seems.

I understand there is some new staff. There is a new nanny Sarah Bunting (Daisy Lewis) for Tom's baby, and there may be a little romance going on there?

I have no idea about that. I never get to meet these new people because they are at the house and we are at the studio.

The new nanny doesn't come down and take her meals with you?

No, I don't think the nanny would eat with the servants. Oftentimes, there will be a brilliant new actor you have never met until a screening or something. It is bizarre, but it is nice to have lots of new people.

So, have you met Shirley MacLaine? I understand she is going to be back this season?

I very briefly met her. Again, it is the same thing. She is at the house and I am at the studio. But I met Paul Giamatti (who is playing Cora's [Elizabeth McGovern] brother) and he is just lovely and brilliant, so I was really excited.

He is going to be Cora's [Elizabeth McGovern] brother. Do you know anything about what is going on there?

I do but I am not allowed to say.

What about Bates and Anna. I know they are supposed to start out happy and then something happens. Can you tease anything?

I can't tease. You know with Bates and Anna, they love each other, but you never know what is going to happen. You are just going to have to watch it.

The Jack Ross (Gary Carr) character. Does he ever come to Downton or is he strictly in London?

He does come to Downton and sings at the house. He comes in through the service entrance, so all the servants see him and are really shocked. He is a really nice guy and his storyline is cool.

Is it going to be as tear wrenching as last season with Matthew's death, happier, or up and down?

Up and down. I had a little cry at the screening, but I cry easily. It is very moving and lovely. I don't necessarily cry because something is sad. Sometimes I cry because things are lovely. I think people will enjoy it.

"Downton Abbey" returns for its fourth season on PBS on Sunday, January 5, 2014.

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