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‘Downton Abbey' audition? 'The Ellen Show' shares Minnie Driver's dream (video)

The popular PBS show has Hollywood stars dreaming about being part of Downton Abbey. Not only does the world watch the show, but the episodes are well written and give entertainers a real sense of pride in the performances. Perhaps that’s why Minnie Driver would love to be on the show. The guest of The Ellen Show on Tuesday offered up a funny audition tape for the producers of Downton Abbey to consider. In fact, it was so funny to hear the talented entertainer read off the teleprompter, that producers in Hollywood should check out the moment too.

Ellen Degeneres had Minnie Driver talking in several accents and then gave Driver a couple of tongue twisting sentences that she recited with ease. However the funniest part was having Minnie Driver bark like a dog as a symptom of an accident in the segment. Who would have thought Minnie could have sounded so believable?

While nobody knows if Downton Abbey will be calling after this audition, the fans of the show will surely take a look at the performance. It is fun and well done by an actress who was put on the spot and given a dress that looked like it was from the show.

Take a look at the video clip of Minnie Driver auditioning for Downton Abbey. It is absolutely hilarious.

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