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Downsize libertarians launch Zero Aggression Project

Today the people at DownsizeDC announced the Grand Opening of their Zero Aggression Project that uses heuristics to accomplish their simple mission: To promote and teach The Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP).

Zero Aggression Project's 7 original Hueristics
Zero Aggression Project's 7 original Hueristics
Zero Aggression Project
The website argues from moral principles that all decent people already support: Don't hit, don't bully, don't lie.
Courtesy Zero Aggression Project

To keep everyone informed and engaged they've already changed the name of their long-running free subscription email newsletter to The Consent Chronicle which will cover the activities of both organizations.

Both of these websites will, as described by Co-Founders Jim Babka and Perry Willis, "try to persuade our entire culture to comply with the Zero Aggression Principle."

That principle is the "social contract" of the American libertarian movement. While specific definitions vary – no one may initiate force, intimidation or fraud against others – the new Zero Aggression Project website further clarifies, "Delegating the dirty work to politicians doesn’t make it moral to tread on people."

The approach is simple and direct.

As children we hopefully all learned how to interact with others: Don't hit, don't bully, don't lie.

As decent adults we all learned some variation of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Yet when it comes to our political lives we forget how to apply those principles: "Be consistent. Make 'the government' obey the Zero Aggression Principle too."

The rule is simple: "Don’t threaten or initiate force; limit force to defensive purposes."

In another "heuristic" the project distinguishes between "The State," "government" and "true governance."

"The State is a monopoly that initiates force under the pretense of governing" while "The government" is rejected for the concept of "True governance" defined as "a service that protects your rights by only using force defensively."

While DownsizeDC will continue in its traditional mission of mobilizing people to influence their government representatives to stop using coercion and to shrink the size and power of government the new project will concentrate on its educational mission.

The Consent Chronicle newsletter's name reflects the strategy and spirit of both DownsizeDC and the Zero Aggression Project. Even the most coercive power requires consent to survive. People must deny their consent when The State acts immorally. DownsizeDC is the tool you can use to Deny Consent to Congress. The Zero Aggression Project is the tool you can use to influence your neighbors in the same direction.

With the zero Aggression Project all "libertarians" should become Post-Statists.

For more details see "How You Can Benefit from the New Zero Aggression Website."

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