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Download travel data before leaving home with new TripAdvisor app for that

Good news for travelers who rely on smartphones for information and want to save money on data downloads, TripAdvisor®, has a new app that lets you collect all your information before you leave on your trip so you don’t incur any extra roaming or data charges while abroad.

Fill your Smartphone with info before leaving home
Richard Pietschmann

Here’s how it works, download TripAdvisor reviews, photos and city maps before you leave home then access this information while traveling when no data connection is available. The newly launched app includes more than 300 city maps worldwide, with more to follow.

"The new offline feature for TripAdvisor's smartphone app makes it an even more valuable 'must have' tool during your trip," said Adam Medros, senior vice president of global product, TripAdvisor. "More and more travelers are making spur-of-the-moment decisions about where to go and what to do and need a useful travel resource. Travelers can now access user reviews, photos and maps throughout their trip to help them pick last-minute hotels, restaurants and attractions to visit–all while avoiding costly roaming charges."

To access the new offline feature, TripAdvisor app users may search for a city within the app when a data connection is available and tap a button to download city content. Once downloaded, the app will automatically transition between the offline mode featuring 10 reviews per point of interest when no data connection is available, and the full live version of the app when it is cellular or WiFi-connected. You can add and remove city maps as needed and/or download the latest version of the city map to sync the content with the reviews and opinions available on TripAdvisor's constantly refreshed live site.

The handy app is ready for use in all countries and languages where the TripAdvisor app is presently available on iOS and Android smartphones. The city maps contained in the offline feature are powered byTelenav's Scout Maps and Navigation SDK, a mapping service that leverages OpenStreetMap (OSM) map data.

Now that you know you can preload your phone with handy helpers for your trip, learn how to take better photos on the road, too, by watching the video we so kindly dug out for you.

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