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Down Under with Hayley Sales

Down Under with Hayley Sales
Down Under with Hayley Sales

Whether at home on the family blueberry farm in Errington BC, or touring with Jason Mraz in Australia, singer – songwriter, Hayley Sales has done it all.

Native to Washington, D.C, Sales refers to Vancouver Island as home.

At 16, the musician packed up and left her life in Portland, Oregon behind, making her way to Vancouver Island.

“Besides the Blueberry Farm, I feel at home in Australia,” says the 24 year-old singer. “I love the beach and being able to surf.”

Aside from the waves, both ocean and radio, Sales’ second passion resides in Perth, Australia, with boyfriend of two years, Julian Haig. After making some obvious eye contact from stage to crowd, the two eventually met and began to date.

Though back and forth between the Island and Perth, Sales mentions her love for traveling, and quickly adds “I'm basically living out of my suitcase at the moment.”

On the topic of her travels, Sales doesn't hold back. “I'm inspired when I’m on the road," she says. "Different experiences, whether it be relationships or the environment are what inspire me when I’m writing my songs.”

Sales recently released her Nationwide album, ‘When The Bird Became A Book,’ which debut this past summer, creating a buzz in the U.K and producing a minor hit in Japan.

When asked what it’s like to perform in her hometown, enthusiasm takes over the songwriter’s voice. “ It’s fun,” Sales says with a laugh. “It feels like a big family is supporting me, because everyone has seen me grow up and they have been supporting me since day one.”

Besides the fact that her phone is occupied with popular artists in today’s music industry, Sales shows pride when talking about collaborations with different artists.

“I remember being so excited to work with Donavon Frankenreiter. While performing together, the two shared some colourful moments. “He is definitely a character,” Sales chimes in. “I learned a lot from him.”

Apart from Frankenreiter, Sales mentions collaborations with Cat Empire and Krist Novoselic, bass player of Nirvana.

In addition, the singer also joined forces with many Canadian artists while recoding ‘Waving Flag’ for Haiti, earlier this year.

Sales makes clear that she is a passionate person, not only when it comes to singing, but through her voice. Later this month she will be performing at a surf competition in Florida with World Champion Surfer, Kelly Slater.

“The show is taking place in order to fundraise for skin cancer.”

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