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Down to earth moon sign gardening

Many fascinating interactions come via our nearest celestial neighbor - the moon
Many fascinating interactions come via our nearest celestial neighbor - the moon
carol gibson

Moon sign gardening makes a gardener feel like a part of the universal surround. The elegant simplicity of viewing the night sky and using it as a planting guide provides a sense of oneness with the environment.

Like the sun, the moon’s path of travel goes through the entire gamut of astrology signs. The difference is the amount of time that it takes to carry out a full revolution. Luna’s path of travel takes two or three days to pass through a sign.

In a lunar month, the moon passes through all of the astrological signs. Each sign is categorized with several different characteristics. The lunar gardener pays attention to the elemental qualities of each sign. Is it an earth sign, or a water sign? If it’s a fire sign, it’s not a very good time to plant because its characteristic is barren. Think of a desert with only the hardiest growth like cactus, for example. These barren days are better used for getting rid of unwanted growth. If the occurrence of a firesign occurs during the last quarter moon phase, it’s known as a “killing sign.” Gardeners can use this to their advantage; the barren qualification goes to Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

The best planting signs are known as fertile. These are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. For the first quarter phase, moon sign advice may actually suggest it’s a good time to “trim to increase growth.”

Water signs quite often indicate precipitation. Recommendations concerning Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are inconsistent like the rain. Managing the timing on planting is easy because celestial motion is gradual. If rain is predicted on a water sign period, planting the day before is still beneficial as the universal surround is always moving.

Earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, are versatile. Tilling the earth during these times usually provides a magical quality of nicely crumbling soil. These signs are also amenable to planting new starts though it’s better to stay with soil conditioning as the ease of the earth sign characteristic that makes gardening easy and breezy when combined with air signs cultivation successful. Air signs are good for the purpose of aeration. Planting in Virgo is neutral.

The airs signs are a mix trending toward barren characteristics. Yet Virgo, for instance is somewhat fertile, and neutral in terms of planting. Gemini is known as barren. Combining the Geminian qualities with the last quarter moon phase, for example, the weeds get very discouraged in their survival efforts. The roots are upside down, lost and directionless in the dark of the moon.

The phase of the moon is also an indicator. The full moon is too unpredictable, so planting advice usually centers around three moon phases. The full moon often brings rain. Gardeners should refrain from working in a wet garden since fungus and bacteria travel best through moisture.

As earth’s closest celestial body, Luna affects humans and all growing things. Check moon sign gardening reports for the phases of the moon. These are important too.

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