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'Down East Dickering" on the History Channel returns with more New England fun

You have probably not seen Maine like this.
You have probably not seen Maine like this.

“Down East Dickering” returns tonight with another new episode at 10 p.m. EST. Yes, if you are having “Duck Dynasty” withdrawal, be sure and check out this new reality-based television program filmed in Maine. Wednesday nights are worth watching again. If you miss it on Wednesday, you can always watch the replay on Monday night after “Swamp People.” (Also at 10 p.m. EST)

These guys are always trying to make a buck, sometimes in the most unusual ways. The show sometimes resembles that show where they trade up to something they want. This show, however, centers around the publication, “Uncle Henry’s.” It comes out once a week, and, apparently, there are folks who make their living buying and selling from the pages of the book; “dickering” is what they call it.

We refer to this show as reality-based television because most reality shows have some degree of planning involved. Otherwise, the show would take months to film just one episode! Are some of the deals pre-planned? Probably, but the fact that the storyline is representative of the dickering lifestyle in Maine is the kernel of truth that is enough reality for most viewers.

History Channel gives us a preview of what to expect tonight with our New England friends. If you listen closely, you can almost hear Tony narrating the episode with his Boston-sounding Maine accent. By the way, the website bio for him states that he was born and raised in Bethel, Maine.

Across Down East, festivals are underway and our dickerers see dollar signs. Tony scrambles to make cash selling chainsaws at the Lumberjack Festival. The ever-resourceful Yummy jumps at the chance to perform a wedding at a wild and crazy redneck-themed event--for a price. Meanwhile, Turtle's confident he can sell a Hovercraft at a biker gathering--until a surly customer puts his patience to the test.

The whole thing sounds like great fun. What kind of “preacher” is Yummy, do you think? That should be interesting to see. I think a night of festivals in New England is just what the doctor ordered to cure that “Duck Dynasty” withdrawal, Jack!

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