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'Down East Dickering' on the History Channel is a New England delight

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The History Channel reaired the second episode of its new show, "Down East Dickering," on Monday night to give more viewers a chance to experience what it’s all about. This new reality show is sure to be a hit. It is an entertaining combination of "American Pickers," "Trading Up" and "The Bob Newhart Show." The new episodes air on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST, and tonight's episode will be called, "Not So Fast."

The term “dickering” actually refers to the bargaining and haggling that goes on to cement a deal. There may be some money, some trading, and even some bartering involved. (In Tennessee, they call this horse trading.)

The entire show is based around a classified paper that comes out weekly called Uncle Henry’s. Uncle describes the publication as being available in print in stores in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and northern Connecticut. “Down East Dickering” focuses on the folks in Maine who wait on the latest issue to come out to start their buying, selling and trading. The scenery and the people are reminiscent of the charming Vermont community featured on the “Bob Newhart Show” many years ago.

Some of the people who are wheeling and dealing on the reality show seem to actually make a living through their efforts. Others may just get that bushel of pears or other item they want. Like other reality shows such as “Snake Salvation” and “Moonshiners,” it may be that the government comes after the people in the show to check their compliance with the appropriate laws, particularly the IRS.

The unique quality of the show is created by a combination of factors, and the interesting New England accents are part of that. Following the colorful characters out in the brush to see some rusted old relic is always fun. With the overwhelming success of “American Pickers,” there is obviously an audience for this show already.