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Down and out but up and about, the reason for living in the eyes of her pup

There are days when bad news strikes at every corner. Statistics and peer-reviewed journals do not need to confirm that abhorrent fact of life. The struggle to find a topic for this article was beyond words. Evidently, the words did come to mind as the article is finally being written. None the less, the topic of choice is about a girl and her faithful canine companion.

The love between a girl and her canine companion

As the young girl awoke from her comatose sleep, she saw the pitiful eyes of her little baby Shih Tzu standing over her. With a whimper and raised paw, the dog spoke and said "why do you look so sad?" A disappointed girl pulled the covers over her head and held her pup close. The young girl answered "I'm scared, for I have no money and the sky is suffocating me along with the ominous glare of strangers." The pup said " I love you mommy. No matter where we are, it is just you and me."

The girl stood up in bed, looked out of the window towards her favorite bridge and said "this day is a new day. With her pup in a warrior pose, she looked up to the young girl and gave comforting nod. The young girl chanted to herself "this is my time, a time for change". A few hours later the girl returned and grabbed her pup with heartbeats in sync. The pup said "I told you everything would be okay, because at the end of the day, it is just you and me."

This is an allegorical article of faith and loyalty. If a person has a solid foundation, the rest of their life will fall into place. Sometimes the roof leaks or walls need painting, but at the end of the day, the solid foundation is an exaltation.

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