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Dow Jones lost mind

The Dow Jones lost mind
My Brockerage account

But first something happened to the company where I have my broker account. I opened trading page and find wonderful note, “Due to technical issues some securities holders may seen incorrect data…”(see the attached screen shots).
“What?”, I asked myself, re-reading the note.
I should mention bank giving me trading platform not the last in the Stock Market Exchange rank. I scare to tell more as I hope to continue enjoy the Probability Game giving me income. Simple now, I have to figure out how to profit from broker incorrect data.
But the best part of the trading day was at the future.
On the next step I scrutinized the screen and did not believed my eyes.

The amount of securities advancing were 2,472 (Five times more!) than declining stocks (587), and Dow Jones Industrial Average was negative, -37 (please, see the attached screen shots). That means only that the first Stock Exchange index lost its mind.
And I broke my silence. Two years I was silent and did not wrote a sentence because some layers told me that trader can not write about place he trade on. Today (to be precise, tonight) I find out that impossible to keep all that inside.
By the way I did not traded yesterday, as I really do not know how to profit at crazy Stock Market using incorrect Stock Market Exchange data.

Author did not made any security transaction yesterday, 10/17/2013

Semion Feldman, absolutely independent NYSE trader