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Dove's shaving cream

Dove shaving cream
Dove shaving cream
Richard Basch

Recently, I was sent a box of men’s products by a PR agent for me to review. They sat next to the chair where I sit to write for a couple of weeks while I waited for a time when I would have an opportunity to use some of them. I hadn’t shaved for about a week, writing and researching stories and pitching stories to editors. So, I decided to give a product called Dove Men+Care a try.

It looks like whipped cream in a plasticine can. I gave it a try and I was shocked and very happy to learn that it made a real difference in my shaving experience. I often don’t shave for a week or so, too busy and shaving with a safety razor is difficult. I have a very thick beard and getting a close shave is always a problem. So, how was it?

The razor just slid across my face and it took off the beard which was very thick. I was stunned this stuff worked like a charm. I couldn’t believe it. After I was finished I was amazed at how simply the razor passed through the beard and how close the shave was. One final thought the Dove Men+Care smells very nice. The whole experience was just wonderful. Give it a try.