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Dove pulls armpit billboard that referred to New Jersey as 'Armpit of America'

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A Dove deoderant armpit billboard set to run this summer upset many New Jersey residents so much that parent company, Unliver has decided to give the ad the ax.

A gigantic Dove ad appear on billboards this summer refers to the Garden State as the "Armpit of America" in attempt to be humorous while promoting their new line of deodorant.

The ad features a smiling woman in a tank top raising her arm up to expose her armpit. The ad's text reads, "Dear New Jersey, When people call you 'The Armpit of America,' take it as a compliment. Sincerely, Dove."

It's safe to say that Dove needed a little antiperspirant to hold back the sweat because residents of New Jersey did not find it funny. Dove learned quickly that New Jersey residents don't appreciate being referred to as "The Armpit of America."

MSNBC reports that Unilever, the Dove's parent company, pulled the billboard this month, four months prior to launch, due to the flack it received.

Unliver stated in an email to the media, "We take feedback from our community very seriously and have decided that we will not be running this billboard advertisement. We did not wish to cause any misunderstanding and apologize for any offense."

New Jersey has basked in a negative light over the past few years with the media focusing on issues with Gov. Chris Christie, the raucous cast of the MTV reality show, "Jersey Shore" and most recently, the ongoing fraud trial of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Theresa and Joe Giudice.

Although Unliver has apologized and will not run the ad, the statement issued by the company says that its intention was to "call attention to the fact that armpits can and should be considered beautiful" and wasn't meant to be a dig against the state of New Jersey.



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