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Dove 'Mirrors' reveals how women struggle with their own reflections

Dove Unveils New Research Revealing How Women
Dove Unveils New Research Revealing How Women
Photo by Moses Robinson

Many women suffer with self esteem issues. Whether its not liking the color of their hair or thinking that they're overweight, women tend to berate themselves and find the flaws in themselves instead of celebrating their beauty, inside and out. That complex relationship with the mirror sadly causes one in three women (80%) say they feel anxious and hardly ever smile at themselves because of what they see in the mirror according to a 2013 global research done by Dove titled, 'Mirrors'. The all new Dove Mirrors campaign hopes to change that by inviting women to recapture the elation they felt when they looked at their reflection as young girls and pass that feeling on to the next generation.

In the Mirrors campaign, Dove illustrates the reaction women have when they look at their own reflection compared to young girls. The video (which can be watched here) shows women and girls reactions to their reflections. When women look in the mirror they tend to frown whereas the younger girls smiled and loved what they saw. In total only 4% of the women liked what they saw and actually described themselves as beautiful. Dove wants to change that number and encourage women to develop a positive relationship with beauty.

'In an effort to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety, we strive to inform, inspire and ignite conversation and change,' said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing, Dove. 'Dove hopes that the Mirrors campaign inspires women to reassess how they see themselves and ensure that every encounter a woman has with her own reflection is a positive affirmation of her beauty.'

Presented during sixth annual Mom 2.0 Summit that was held on May 1-3, Dove conducted a keynote panel conversation that bought together the leading digital voices in parenting in an effort to bring forth forward-thinking perspectives on beauty and confidence. Moderated by HLN Morning Express news anchor, Robin Meade, the panel featured the following women:

  • Pippa Lord – Lifestyle expert and former photography director will share a perspective on the future of confidence through the lens of beauty.

  • Dr. Robyn Silverman – The award-winning psychologist will broaden the conversation, bringing to light the relationship between an individual’s confidence and their feelings of beauty.

  • Karen Walrond – Author of 'The Beauty of Different' will share her perspective on the ever-evolving definition of beauty.

  • Jennifer Bremner - The Director of Marketing for Dove will discuss the evolving beauty conversation over the past decade and how the industry is evolving.

Bremner also stated:

'Women tend to be self-deprecating when they look in the mirror and this affects their overall confidence and happiness in their beauty. It is important to facilitate these essential conversations that can help women rethink how they see their beauty and themselves.'

With a striking 72% of girls feeling an immense amount of pressure to feel beautiful, we as mothers need to teach our daughters about beauty, confidence and self esteem. The first step is to be a positive role model and stop hating the mirror and learning to embrace all the unique qualities that make you who you are. Lead by example by recognizing your own beauty, inside and out and your own strengths. Join Dove and their invitation to all women to recapture the elation they felt when they looked at their reflection as young girls and pass that feeling on to the next generation. With Dove you can help them reach their goal of helping 15 million young lives with self esteem programming by the end of 2015. So far Dove has reached their goal of 13 million so far. To learn more about Dove Mirrors visit

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