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Douglas County Emergency Management partners with Boys & Girls club for 2011 Pursuit of Preparedness

With the possibility of severe weather a consistent threat this time of year, Lawrence Douglas County Emergency Management has partnered with the Boys and Girls club for the upcoming 2011 Pursuit of Preparedness Campaign.

The objective is to complete and then distribute emergency kits and information to vulnerable populations within the Lawrence community.

Target recipients include: the elderly, children, mentally ill/chemically dependent, chronically ill, economially disadvantaged, culturally or geographically isolated, limited English, and those with physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities.

Businesses and individuals are asked to contribute funding or items towards the compilation of the kits. (Please be sure to include your company logo to be displayed for advertisement).

Items to be donated or purchased include: containers/bags for storage, drinking water, wrench to turn off utilities, utility and First Aid gloves, non perishable food items (peanut butter/crackers), can opener, clothes, blankets, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kits (including essentials such as first aid book, scissors, moist toweletes, rain gear, whistle, fire extinguisher, radio - AM/FM battery operated, safety goggles, NOAA all Hazard radio, personal hygiene items: soap, shampoo, comb, toothbrush and paste.

Additional items, to keep children from becoming frightened or bored, include play dough, board games, books, coloring books and crayons.

Checks should be made payable to Douglas County Emergency Management and may be sent to 111 E. 11th Street, Unit 200, Lawrence, KS 66044.  Although any donation is welcome, items that can be purchased in bulk will generally offer the most affordability for the group.

Additional information can be obtained at the Douglas County Emergency Management office by asking for Stephanie Nelson: (785) 838-2460 or (785) 331-9541.

Now is a great time go over your personal checklist  for home, office and car (see above list) with friends, neighbors and family.

A community prepared equals a community that responds well and survives.


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