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Doug Hehner shows Jamie Otis he would be a great father

Doug Hehner
Doug Hehner
Jamie Otis on Facebook

Viewers are really enjoying the new show "Married at First Sight" on FYI Network. Jamie Otis looks like she just might have found love with Doug Hehner and they are getting along really well now. On Thursday, Jamie went to her Facebook to share something about Doug that impressed fans.

It really does look like things are going great. This picture shows Doug down on his knee doing something with her nephew. It is probably from the show last week where she took him home to see where she really came from and he spent time with her family. This picture is really cute.

Along with it Jamie posted, "Douglas Hehner is so good w my nephew. Steals my heart when I see this. #marriedatfirstsight." It is obvious that this was something he did to help win her heart over. It shows that he could be a great father and that they might just end up staying together after the show is over. Watching a man be great with a child can make you fall in love with him even more.

Jamie and Doug seem to be falling in love. At the start of the show, Jamie could hardly even let him touch her. Now they are cuddling and spending a lot of time kissing each other. It appears that things are going great for them so far.

"Married at First Sight" airs on Tuesday nights on FYI Network. It won't be much longer before fans hear if Jamie and Doug can make it work. They will decide at the end of the show if they want to get a divorce or stay married.