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Doug Green's new ebook available free

Doug Green's new ebook- pay what you choose
Doug Green's new ebook- pay what you choose
Laurie Brown 2014

Prolific garden writer Doug Green has a writing habit. He has a blog, writes a newsletter more or less weekly, has written a number of books, and updates his website almost daily- today he has uploaded three articles. A look at his website shows he has a command of just about every aspect of gardening: soils, tools, ponds, weed control, propagating, organic lawn care, and more. He has videos, book reviews, product reviews and gardening courses on his website. He knows what he’s talking about; he owned and ran a specialty plant nursery for 23 years. He’s written for newspapers and magazines, and has hosted a radio show. He gardens in Ontario, Canada, so most of his advice will work for us in the Inland Northwest. He does everything organically and environmentally sustainably.

Now he has put together an ebook called ‘Gardening Wisdom’. It includes chapters on container gardening, building your soil, growing annuals, perennials and bulbs, water gardening, roses and lawns. And he’s doing something unusual with it: he’s offering it free, with the option to pay- suggested ‘tip’ is $5 but you can pay whatever you want- even if it’s nothing. To get the ebook, go to its page where you will see the options to download, tip the author, or share the page on Facebook or Twitter. Click ‘download’ and it will ask you for your email address and what area you are growing in, as well as giving you another chance to tip. It then emails you a download code that allows you to get the book in either .pdf or .epub format (sadly, it’s not available for Kindle free; it can be had in .mobi format here for $3.99). It’s not a small book at 134 pages. What he has done is interspersed bits of old gardening books with his take on what they’ve said. It’s very interesting; sometimes he agrees with the old authors, sometimes not. It's sure to give you good advice and ideas.