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Doug Evans loses by controversial decision

Doug Evans with Ronnie Mann.
Doug Evans with Ronnie Mann.
Shark Fights

Doug Evans was robbed by the judges at Shark Fights 13 in his title match against Ronnie Mann in Amarillo, Texas. With two wrestlers going up against each other, takedowns should have mattered. They didn’t. The judges had it by split decision 47-48, 48-47, 48-47 in favor of the Brit with one judge coming close to getting it right.

“Wow,” said Doug’s teammate Dustin Hendricks in astonishment. “Doug got screwed on his fight.”

“I had him 4 to 1,” cornerman Sean Hedrick said. “Maybe a 3 to 2, but no way losing 3 rounds.”

The match was a back and forth war of leg kicks vs. takedowns with Mann appearing the more active stand-up fighter with consistent leg kicks throughout while Doug on the other hand dominated with takedowns and was able to control the majority of his top position with solid ground and pound.

You could argue for Mann taking the 1st round as Doug began patiently knowing full well the fight would go five rounds. The Brit was the more energetic looking of the two and scored a late takedown possibly earning him the round.

The 2nd saw Mann with a potent stand up attack with Doug landing a few shots of his own. He once again scored a takedown with most of Mann’s attack missing the mark but he was impressively energetic. MMAjunkie saw the round 10-9 for Mann while I think the takedown and top control stole the round for Doug.

In the 3rd, Doug was able to get one his most powerful takedowns of the night with commentator Bas Rutten saying, “Beautiful takedown again.” After a failed armbar attempt by Mann, Doug maintained his position with heavy punches landing from top securing him this one as well.

The 4th round looked like it might go to Mann early as he seemed the more active fighter but once again Doug brought the fight down and did enough to steal the round with the elbow shots from top. “ sees the round for Evans and has it even entering the final round - a shocking turn of events from the pace of the first two frames.”

5th round contained the theme of the night with leg kicks landing from Mann and Doug showing his ability to evade Mann’s punches and get a takedown. He maintained top control to end out the round and retain his belt, 4-1 by my estimation, the first round going to Mann due to Doug’s patient start. The judges disagreed. Evans returns to Alaska without his featheweight belt but remains, for us, a champion.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Wow, I know everybody loves Doug b/c he is the hometown guy, but honestly.... Everyone needs to go back and watch it again on Sherdog with a subjective eye. First off Mann controlled the ring the entire fight. Mann threw combos the whole time while Doug threw one punch or one kick. Mann fired back counters when Doug exchanged, doug didn't. Most of Dougs takedowns came from eating a flying knee. A takedown that leds to no damage and getting sweep isn't worth anything. A takedown to you defending from a submission and not doing any damage is usually not worth anything as well. I know we all wanted him to win, but I think if you rewatch it and keep these points in mind you'll see how the judges came up with the outcome. Great fight, just didn't go his way. To say he got cheat or screwed, well that is a very biased statement.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    It's not the worse decision I have seen and I can see both sides of the argument, but I don't think it is labeled as "just because he is the hometown guy". When Tompkins says he feels Doug won, Don Frye tells Doug he won and the announcer was like "I didn't see that at all", then it's a bit closer that just being biased, but what does the other guys coach or don frye know about fighting right?

    Hardly any of those shots really connected on Doug. He had a small black spot on his eye and Ronnie's face was jacked up(damage). The hardest sounding kick hit Doug in the butt. The only semi-decent sub attempt was the armbar, other than that, just attempting one after you got taken down is not ground for an advantage.

    It all comes down to leaving it to the judges. Fact of the matter is Doug lost, he'll get back on track and hopefully get a rematch. We can beat a Dead Horse all day, but a loss is a loss, but I'll have to disagree calling analogies on how Doug should have won as biased

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Doug had about half his shots stuffed also. About 80% of his top game was defending sweeps or submissions, not advancing or damaging. I just really didn't see Doug winning it. Not trying to piss anyone off, just throwing my two cents out there.

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