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Doug Briney gives Examiner an Exclusive on, “Unknown Soldier," Nashville, TN


Photos of Doug Briney
Doug Briney

Doug Briney is relatively new to the music business but he is certainly not new to supporting and helping others. Doug, who spent the last 21 years in Alaska as a minister is openly and outwardly supporting the troops with his single, “Unknown Soldier,” due to be released on May 26th.

He is releasing the music video on that day as well but we have the exclusive right here at Examiner. Doug has agreed to let Examiner have the Exclusive on this Music Video release and has given us the code for the video of his new song and music video right here and now being seen in this article. This is the only place in this world you can see this right now. We are honored. I asked Doug about his music and ministry and this is what he had to say:

Q Tell me about your ministry?

A Okay, I started out as a Music and Youth Minister working with teenagers and music. Then the last nine or ten years I have been serving as Pastor and leading the congregation. I lead the church through a building project and finished that and left to start the Cowboy Church of Anchorage. Now we are here in Old Hickory in Nashville.

Q I was going to ask, do you think you will be a Pastor here?

A I will not be doing that full time. We have joined a wonderful church here in Old Hickory. We just lost our Pastor. He moved to Florida to start some churches there so I am helping in the leadership. I am going to be doing some of that here leading the church through the transition because he was the only Pastor they have ever had.

Q So they are in transition?

A They are so I will be leading them through this transition period. I am going to help the church discover who they are as a church, what they are looking for in a new Pastor and working through that with them. I have all the training and I am here.

Q So even less sleep the next couple of months?

A I am hoping a little more sleep. If I do that, I will only be doing that.

Q I know. There are only so many hours to the day. So, “Unknown Soldier,” is being released May 26th?

A May 26th.

Q Where can people find your album?

A is the best place to get it.

Q Can they get it autographed?

A They can, when they purchase it, just leave me a note and I’ll personalize it for them either to them or if they are buying it as a gift for someone else. If they just let me know in the notes section, I will be happy to do that. My first album is still available on the website as well. There are links if they just prefer the digital format there are links to iTunes as well as Reverb-Nation so they can purchase it either way.

Q Very good. Is there something you want to say, a message you want to get out there?

A You know really just in preparation of the release of, “Unknown Soldier,” I just want to say thank you to all of our troops. I really do. My son serves in the Air Force and I come from a very long line of military family. We go all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Q So I hear you are giving all of the proceeds from the sale of this CD or download to the Veterans?

A Yes, I am. It is my way of giving back and saying thank you.

With that we wrapped up the interview and said our goodbyes. You can see the Exclusive pre-release viewing of the music video for, “Unknown Soldier.” Right here by clicking the arrow in the music video embedded in this article. Check out Doug Briney and where he will be performing during the CMA Festival held in Nashville each year during the first week of June at

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