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Double your pleasure on a quadski

Double your pleasure on a quadski
Double your pleasure on a quadski
Robert J Wiebel & GSA

Melbourne, FL – July 6, 2014 – As I was entering my local Bass Pro store just the other day, I could not notice the lineup of Arctic Cat All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) lined up at the main entry of the store. Having these ATVs on display is standard practice at many Bass Pro locations I have visited over the years. Outdoors men and outdoors women use ATV for a variety of reasons with, I suspect hunting and off-roading being the biggest. I see mud covered ATVs being pulled behind pickup trucks on trailers all the time here in central Florida.

Because living in this part of Florida, we have loads of inland lakes, the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons and the Atlantic Ocean. You cannot be on or near these bodies of water with our seeing a person riding a jet ski. A jet ski is a personal water craft that gives the rider the same freedom on the water that an ATV does on land. But I bet you have not seen anyone riding a hybrid land/water craft that allows you to do both at the same time.

Well I have not seen one but I did I stumble upon what Gibbs Sports Amphibians (GSA) calls their “QUADSKI”. GSA has been developing amphibians for more than 15 years in New Zealand and in the UK. GSA has a military amphibious vehicle that our border patrol could use on the Rio Grande River between the U.S. and Mexico. Because of the size of the American market for jet skis and ATVs, GSA has targeted their new QUADSKI at affluent American outdoor enthusiast.

It has a BMW K1300cc water-cooled 4-stroke in-line, 140 HP engine with four-wheel disk brakes and the suspension of a formula race car. On land it has an electrically automated 5 speed manual transmission, electric reverse assist motor and front & rear lighting. When in the water mode the tires retract in less than 5 seconds. It comes with an automatic selection of the correct gear for marine mode. There are front & rear storage compartments and the GIBBS proprietary water jet. The QUADSKI can reach speeds up to 45 MPH on both land and water. The QUADSKI comes in a single or double seat configuration. The GSA website has some great videos of their QUADSKI and QUADSKI XL.

On the GSA website there is a video of a marketing press conference, Tech Crawl 2014 where the XL was introduced. There VP of Sales said that GSA is going to have a very limited distribution chain because this was a high prices product. GSA compares the QUADSKI to Ferrari or a Corvettte Stingray. Being that it was a combination of a jet ski and an ATV and it had a BMW motorcycle engine, I would expect the price to be more than the combined total that would put it in the price range of a top end BMW or Harley Davidson motor cycle of $20,000. Well when I found a 2013 model for sale at one of the Florida dealers, I was shocked at the price. The GSA VP of Sales was not wrong when he said it was a high prices product. The price at Cycle Springs Motorsports in Clearwater for the single seat QUADSKI is walloping $42,000. The QUADSKI costs as much as a 2014 BMW X3 SUV. GSA plans to only have 24 dealers along the coast in the United States. These dealers will be located in the locations where the in median home incomes are very high. They will be using a disruptive business model and not over stuff the supply channel and give exclusive territories to their dealers.

At this time there are only two dealers in Florida that will carry the QUADSKI. Cycle Springs Motorsports in Clearwater and the other is Riva Motorsports & Marine in south Florida with stores in Miami, Pompano Beach and the Keys. There are loads of videos on YouTube to watch.

So if you have very deep pockets and want to have an amazing jet ski/ATV hybrid, the GSA QUADSKI and QUADSKI XL just may be for you.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.