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Double slam ban against U.S. horse slaughter facilities

More than 80% of Americans are opposed to domestic horse slaughter.
More than 80% of Americans are opposed to domestic horse slaughter.

On Friday, President Barack Obama signed the budget for 2014 withholding money for the required federal inspections from the Department of Agriculture for horse slaughter in the United States reported

Federal inspections by the Department of Agriculture are required to ship horse meat interstate and overseas for human consumption.

Matt Bershadker, president and CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated:

"This clear message from Washington echoes the opinions of an overwhelming number of Americans from coast to coast: horse slaughter is abhorrent and unacceptable."

What may have been another final blow to a New Mexico horse slaughter plant, Valley Meat Co., owned by Rick De Los Santos came on Friday as Judge Matthew Wilson of Santa Fe accepted State Attorney General Gary King's explanation that granting permission to open a horse slaughter plant in New Mexico would risk contamination and the environmental integrity. A preliminary injunction was granted to King on Friday effectively barring the beginning of horse slaughter in Roswell.

King stated:

" 'The State and its residents will suffer irreparable injury as a result of Valley Meat's imminent, self-declared violations' of the water quality and food acts."

Valley Meat Co, in Roswell has been facing an uphill battle for the last two years in their attempt to begin slaughtering horses in the United States despite 80% of the population against what has been called barbaric and inhumane.

During the year, 2012, over 158,000 horses were exported to Mexico and Canada for slaughter; their meat processed and sent overseas where horse flesh could yield $14 a pound.

Humane advocates are now asking Congress to support and pass the SAFE Act. Read more about this important legislation by clicking here.

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